Let’s get together, and feel alright.

I tend to think of NNU as my home-away-from-home. However, since my actual home is only a quarter of a mile away from campus, “going home” for the holidays isn’t that exciting. Regardless of the excitement level, home is where I am. 

Last night I decided to reject female oppression, and hang out with guys. So me and my brothers went to a nice little show in Le Bois. There some old friends there, and some new friends (including this cute indie-girl who gave me the eye a couple times). It was great. Then, after a beautiful pot of tea, we all went and watched “I Am Legend.” There were some girls there, but they weren’t the oppressive break-the-vibe type girls. They were the semi-interesting feel-the-vibe type girls. This is much preferable. When I am in Portland, I am going to make it my prerogative to not hang out with Type 1 girls. 

It can be done! 


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