Take it to your mother.

Christmas Eve already?
Dang. I still have to get my folks’ a christmas present. I have a pretty good idea of what I am going to get them, but it is a little vague. My family went to my brother/buddy Mark’s house and played BUNKO with his family. It was nice. I sucked it up.

Tonight I go to my grandmother’s house for her annual “awkwardly talk to relatives you barely know for a couple hours christmas eve get together,” it’s sure to be a good time. I get a little nervous around my grandmother, because she always pries into my life. Basically she is on the edge of her seat waiting for me to meet a girl and get married. She was really trying to pull it out of me last night.

So wish me luck as I go head first into the Lion’s Den.

I feel like Alex and Andrew’s break is a lot cooler than mine. Alex is always out iceskating, and Andrew is slowly working on a way to kill his arch-nemesis/neighbor. I need to punch my life up a little bit.


One response to “Take it to your mother.

  1. Well man you aren’t missing a lot here. I do know how you feel with you grandma, that’s how my middle brother and his wife are like with me. My dad has also been trying real hard to fix me up with a girl here, but she is not my type. Godspeed and good luck. Peace!

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