post script;

Sitting in my mom’s kitchen, listening to The Beatles (first side 2 of the white album, and now the LOVE album), I can’t shake this slight feeling of melancholy. Hmm….however, this blog is not meant to be a personal confessional, so I will not dwell on it. Suffice it to say, I am missing some folks today.

Christmas was good. See, normally I don’t really ask for any gifts, a tactic which usually results in me getting things that I am not really interested in. This year I asked for a few specific things, including a rather extravagant request by my families standards: a camcorder. It wasn’t an expensive model, it was just a small point and shoot, but I had done my research, and it was what I wanted. Well on the morning I found the camera under the tree. It was a big surprise.

Another good part of the holiday was being with my family. After the Lion’s den on Christmas Eve, we went to the house of my invalid grandparents. It was nice. Probably my favorite part of the whole holiday.
Well I am going to go try and waste some time, maybe in boise?


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