Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see.

I went to the mall today.
I know that it was a mistake.
I was visiting my Ma at work. (She work’s at the bookstore in the Nampa mall) I had just purchased some drum-sticks at the music store next to the mall. I walked over, and just about turned around.

Let me tell you how I feel about malls: I hate them. And I hate, almost as much but not quite, people who like going to malls. I walk around and look in bizarre fascination at the people around me. To me, they are the tepid unwashed masses swimming about in a sea of ignorance and self loathing. Completely unaware of the true beauty and horror that composes our world, their sight filled only with the chinsey cellophane novelties that comprise the surface of popular culture.

I’ve never enjoyed malls. The only good time I’ve ever had a mall was back in the Apt. 16 days. It was me, and Cam, and Phil, and maybe Ernie and Derek. There were some girls but I don’t remember which ones. I am pretty sure it was the day that they told me that Chris had sex with a man. In fact I am sure it was, which means that it was probably about two years exactly from today. We were mindlessly wandering around the mall, and we decided to explore. So we went into one of the employee exits and wandered around in the hallways. It was like walking behind the facade of a movie. You could see the back entrances to all the stores. In each door there was a little placard with the store’s name on it. The thought occurred to me that, if all stores looked like this, maybe people would only go in if they really needed something.

You kids stay away from malls. They are nothing but trouble.


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