What ya gonna do, any one of you?

Towards the end on my high-school career, I managed to develop a healthy writing habit. I have four or five focused writing sessions every week. But once I started college, that whole habit disappeared, and I became very lax with my writing. Now, I’ve been trying to think of what my New Year’s Resolution should be, and I have decided that it will be the following: every day (or as near to every day as I can manage) I will write a story in my blog. It may be a story from that day or from a long time ago. But from here on out, this blog will cease to be just a list of what happened during my day, and take a more narrative direction.

So, with that said, here is my first story:

Today my dad took down the christmas decorations. Because of money constraints my parents utilize an artificial tree that, during the off season, is stored in a large blue plastic tub. The rest of the decorations (the garlands, the lights, the ornaments) are also stored in big tubs. These tubs’ call the crawl space home.
For the longest time, the hole to the space stood open in our basement living room. But it was cold and drafty, so eventually my dad mounted a plywood door over the hole, and installed a latch to keep it cold.
Every year when my dad puts the decorations in the crawl space, he gets me to help him. He opens the door, turns on the crawl space lantern, and puts the tubs in their proper place as I slide them in through the hole. Normally, because I am a “cheeky” lad, I will do a fake door-close when we are done.

But this year was different.

I closed the door and locked it, waited about thirty seconds, and then turned off the light. I then went into my room, grabbed my camera, and started video-ing the door as my dad’s protests grew louder and louder.
You may be asking yourself: “What kind of an asshole are you? Why would you do that?” The answer: Humor. It was hilarious. I was on the floor. Finally I open the door. Apparently my dad was not as amused as I was, because he burst out of the hole and tackled me (knocking my camera out of my hands which temporarily rendered the screen inoperable). He threw me up against the wall and started yelling at me. I honestly can’t even remember what he said. He was pretty agitated. The made me upset, because I felt like I was just pulling a harmless prank. I told him he threw a fit like a girl and then left.
It probably wasn’t cool of me to do it. I admit. But his reaction upset me. If something like that happens again, you can be sure that I won’t be sticking around. In fact, I have made a decision:

1. I am going to try and be more chill around my dad from now on.

2. If my father ever reacts in that manner again, I am going to walk out of the house and stay out of the house for a good long time.


One response to “What ya gonna do, any one of you?

  1. I gotta say, I’m not sure if I’d really ever want to see the video of that…Very questionable decision:)

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