Won’t you help to sing?

Is it being apathetic, or is it being at peace with the world? I am involved in far too many political discussions for my taste. I read too much about impending calamity.

This morning in class we were debating the problem of foreign investors in the U.S. economy. I thought to myself: “I wonder if Millie worries about these things. I bet that she doesn’t.”

I just sat there, wishing I could be more like Millie.

‘Cause really, what does it matter? There is a time to gather rocks and a time to scatter rocks. Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Look at the sparrow, who worries not about food or clothes, does not your father in heaven love you more than the sparrow?

Hard times may come or they may not come, but I have a feeling like we are going to survive.


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