Distance has no way of making love understandable.

Decor is important at Canon Beach Christian Conference center. It’s a way of making a boring sunday-school type class room look special. It’s something fun and new for the kids, yet the expectation that it will always be there is comforting for them.

In case you didn’t know, decor at Canon Beach Christian Conference Center consists of brightly colored butcher paper cut up and stapled to the walls in accordance to various themes. For example, the room my group was in was themed around the life of Jesus. We had an empty tomb, a boat in a storm, and the well (from the women and the well).

I didn’t really work on the decor in my room very much. I worked on the four’s and five’s room. That room’s theme was “It’s a small world.” You know, like the disney ride. Our director had taken pictures of the ride, and we were trying to replicate it.

The first day, despite what I told them about my paper cutting skills, they made me put up some stuff on the walls. But when the unofficial art director Katrina came, she promptly ripped down everything I put up. Krista seemed rather pleased. (they are sisters) I was a little intimidated by Katrina, (i think everyone is) but we soon became fast friends. I explained to her that I am artistically inept, and so she put me in charge of a special project. A sign.

She did the outline, and then I spent four days gluing little circles in the out line. It was tedious. But fun in a way, because I didn’t have to concentrate, and so I could just goof off. And, because it was the most elaborate room, I got to hang out with Katrina and Krista and Millie, who were in the room because of their natrual art gifts. (incidentally, Millie ended re-doing the wall of mine that had been torn down. her was, obviously, better. but it still took me a while to get over it)

That was one of the best weeks of the summer.


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