So, although I may go for one afternoon, I don’t want to live on the moon.

I just read a blog post that an old friend put up. Some people reading this may know who this fellow is. He has a kid. He used to have a wife. But apparently now they are breaking up. According to the blog it’s her fault and he wants to save it, but with these things it’s hard to be sure whose fault it is (and really, is it that important?).

Regardless, I can’t even imagine. The only people that I really know who have been divorced are people that seem to be much much older than me. My friend’s parents. It’s and experience that seems to be far removed from my situation. But this couple is not far removed from me. They are my friends. They are only a few years older than I am. My sister baby sat their kid!

We are so young. I can’t imagine the hurt and the tragedy of being wrenched away from the one that you love. It hurts just to think about it.

Today I pray for my friends, that somehow in this situation they can find peace and truth. Today I pray for my self. That I may never have this hurt happen to me.


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