It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine.

So we hit an Elk. Exciting no?
No one died, no one was hurt, the car wasn’t totaled; we came out pretty unscathed. Really the one that got the raw deal was the Elk.

When these things happen, people tend to freak out. It’s completely understandable and justifiable (especially for joey, i’m sure all he could think about was “oh my god i f-ed my car over). After the initial freak out there tends to be this stage where everyone has to re-hash what happened over and over. This is where I sort of check out. I don’t really care about “what could have happened if…” It didn’t happen. We’re fine. So what’s the point in mulling over the fact that “we could’ve?”

Another thing that bothers me is the attribution of our survival to the Almighty. Not that I don’t believe that god is with us at all times, but c’mon. If god had really intervened don’t you think we would have missed the Elk? Or does god just work in the clean up of messes and not the prevention? I know in this I run the risk of sounding like a jerk. That’s why I kinda keep those feelings to myself. If someone wants to thank god for living, I’m cetainly not going to try and stop you.

But it’s like the Bard says: “All’s well that ends well.”
It’s time to move on to some homework.


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