This livin’s so much harder than it seems.

I dreamt I went to a dance with Linnea.
Or maybe it was a ball or a banquet, I couldn’t tell.

But mostly it was very formal. She looked beautiful in a big ball gown.
I was wearing this ratty old jacket of my dad’s,
while all the other guys were wearing tuxedos.
After dinner, we were all getting into these horse drawn carriages, they were taking us to some other activity; maybe dancing?

But as I stepped into the carriage, the driver pushed me out onto the ground. He said “you need to change before you can come.”

At this banquet, even the waiters were wearing tuxedos, so I ran into the kitchen to try and get one. I scrambled around everywhere, but couldn’t find one. I ran to the window to check on Linnea,
only to find that she had left with every one else.

I was alone.


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