Review: 8 1/2

Movie: 8 1/2
Director: Fredrico Fellini

When I finished watching 8 1/2 I felt slightly detached from the world. It was as if everything was leaning towards one side. This seems to be how Guido, the protagonist, feels as he meanders around a Italian health spa, making a half-hearted attempt at making a film.

Many consider this to be the finest film-about-making-a-film ever. I’ve never made a film so I don’t know. What resonated with me is the portrayal of a creator who “gets it” working with a crew of people who don’t.

Fans are constantly pestering Guido, about what his latest film will be about. His producer is constantly on his case about money. The production assistants are busy building a gigantic sci-fi set-piece, when clearly, the intended film doesn’t need one. Meanwhile Guido’s personal life is going to shit.

I guess you could say that 8 1/2 depicts the collapse of a creative vision. While not the most exciting of films, you feel as though you are seeing something significant. Fellini’s black and white is wondrously evocative and his dream sequences are made of just that, pure dreams. There is no blurring of reality and fantasy here. The definitions are quite clear, which is I suppose, part of the point.


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