Review: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Movie: Indiana Jones
Director: Stephen Spielburg

Everyone and their grandma was waiting for this movie to come out. It made a bajillion dollars last weekend (by the way, 9 bucks a ticket is waaay too much). But was it any good?


The first thing you have to understand about the new Indy, is that the script sucks. I know that Lucas and Spielburg were going for a 50’s b-movie type feel, but they just missed it. It has some good elements (good action, a sweet motorcylce chase, a cool villain played by Kate Blanchet) but it also has some pretty lame elements (mainly the aliens). Honestly, the story is something that I would have expected from the Young Indiana Jones television show.

Second thing is that the movie doesn’t look very good. Once again, they were going for the 50’s technicolor look, and while it’s a cool idea, it doesn’t quite hit it on the head.

Thirdly, it spends too much time reminiscing about the previous films. I don’t want characters from Indy’s past. I don’t want explanations for why Sean Connery isn’t in the film. Something that makes Indiana Jones beautiful is that you never have to explain anything. You can immediately jump into the story with out wondering who all the new folks are.

Honestly, on its own, Crystal Skull is a half-decent action/adventure romp with jungles and aliens, but it in no way lives up to the grandeur of the previous three films. There were no oh-my-god-that-was-awesome moments, there was no comedy gold, only Shia Labeuff pretending to be a greaser who fights aliens.


One response to “Review: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

  1. i agree mostly. and the ants were disgusting. and the beginning was WAY too slow. and i thought the bomb-fridge thing was a little strange.
    and the aliens?! whaaaat?!
    but. i do love harrison ford. so. it was okay.

    but the first three…SO much better. i had to watch the first one the next night to get a good taste back in my mouth.

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