I’ve got some new friends

Clink the link to see the new friends that arrived at my house yesterday!

They don\'t have names yet, but I like to call them cuddlemuffin and Sir Paddlefoot II

My dad commutes in a van with a lady who raises ducks for school, and she gave us two of them! They don’t have names yet, but I am hoping to call one Sir. Paddlefoot II. The only problem is that my dog hates them, and is currently on the verge of a nervous breakdown.


One response to “I’ve got some new friends

  1. i’ll make an exception and say those ducks are rather cute. you see, one time someone put a duck in my bathroom this past school year. let’s just say catching and releasing the duck was quite the task. nothing beats freshman open house i guess.

    PS: the rabbit i have left really misses her friend, so i asked my dad if we could get another one. he laughed in my face.

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