Personal Goal: Perform a poem @ Bus Boys & Poets

In the District of Columbia, U St. is sort of like harlem. Langston Hughes got his start there, as well as many notable blues musicians. There is are many cool establishments that pay homage to that heritage, but I have taken to one in particular. It is called Bus Boys & Poets.

It is a cool hangout where you can grab some food, beer (or pomegranate lemonade) and just hang out. But every month they have a poetry slam, which I attended tonight.

The best part was the feature. He did this poem about how, maybe poets are doing God’s work, and therefore maybe poets shouldn’t do poems they wouldn’t be comfortable performing in front of the Lord of Lords.

It was a good night.
But I have been up waaaay too late.


One response to “Personal Goal: Perform a poem @ Bus Boys & Poets

  1. Dude, Arizona Pomegranate Tea at Wal-Mart for like a dollar. And it’s those big ones.
    Nobody else seems to like it, but I’m in love with it.
    Just thought I’d let you know

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