Thoughts part 1.

– I don’t think Sarah Palin is qualified to be the mayor of Kuna, let alone VP, which makes me sad cause I think Mccain has potential as a candidate.

– “Ian, you’ve been doing some nice work,” said my editor on Thursday.

– On that note, I got my own by-line for the first time this week.

– Don’t go see Choke; it sucks; bad.

– Tomorrow I am: eating breakfast at Eastern Market, Listening to Niel Gaiman talk, seeing the new ocean Smithsonian exhibit, going to Baltimore and eating crab cakes.

– I went to a cool coffee shop, and I got in because I am 21 now.

– I had some big personal revelations this week.

– I miss people still.

– Overall, I am doing good. I am a little drained and a little overwhelmed, but I am loving my time here.


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