via chicago

So I fell and stabbed a rusty nail into my hand.

It was pretty gnarly and gross. Perfect end to a crappy week I suppose.


One response to “via chicago

  1. hey cuz,
    how’s the big city? grandma told me you got hurt and your mom was worried. 🙂
    there are positives and negatives to living on the other side of the country from your parents. not having a safe neutral ground to go to when feeling crappy is probably the biggest negative. my advice to you is to keep in touch w/ your fam by phone/email as much as possible, see whatever family you can when you can (spend holidays w/ my family, they’re not too far from you), and make family from whoever you can find (find a church, make friends, learn to lean on people you’re not familliar with). my in-laws aren’t the same as any bauder (who could share that sense of humor? 🙂 ) but, they’re what i have, they love me (i think 🙂 ) and they’re there for me if i get a flat tire and need a ride. shoot me an email sometime, mr. bigshot-bigcity.

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