You’d think people’d have enough of silly love songs.

I saw Moulin Rouge! for the first time last night. It was really great. But it has started making me think.

I said that I would take a job if it was offered. But now, even just a few days later, I’m not sure if I want to get in with the man just yet. I want to make art and love and beauty, and if I was living and working in D.C. that probably wouldn’t happen.

I dunno.
Come what may I guess.


2 responses to “You’d think people’d have enough of silly love songs.

  1. I’ve come to the realization that if you truly want to create art, love and beauty, you can’t have it be your moneymaker. If you’re relying on these ideals to support you, you’ll find that the mixed motives prevent your ability to create something purely good. My opinion: get a job that you like to do to pay the bills, and do something you love on the side. If you take it seriously, you might find out that you eventually get paid for your hobby, (I worked for a client that basically put their kids through college from the profits of one photograph) but forced creativity because it needs to put food on the table only results in poor creativity and no food.

    I would love to be idealistic and say “chase your dreams!” and I don’t necessarily think that I’m NOT saying that, but it’s perhaps a little naïve to think that in order to satisfy yourself creatively it must become your occupation.

    Bottom line, you have the capability to make art love and beauty while being successful at the same time. I believe you’re smart enough to make that distinction. Also, in this day of age, it doesn’t matter at all where you operate out of, you have the same potential to get anything you create in front of the maximum number of eyes/ears through the internet. The only thing I can foresee that might prevent you is if you get a job that just eats up your life. Takes too much time, doesn’t have hard “start” and “stop” times. (My sister has entire days ruined when she’s on call for the hospital. I want to know that my day ends at 4:00 and I don’t have to worry about work for the rest of the day), or just leaves you so emotionally drained that you have no more resources to work on whatever you want to work on.

    It is for this exact reason that I’m going to teach English in Japan for at least a year after graduation. Decent, yearly salary, less than 20 hours of work a week, subsidized housing. Just time to do whatever you want to do while having a reasonable amount of job security.

  2. T.S. Eliot was a banker,
    William Carlos Williams was a doctor,
    William Faulkner worked in a power plant while writing “sound and the fury.”

    I try to keep those examples in mind while I am at work.

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