On the top of Beringer Hill

Yesterday I was in a nice little hipster coffee shop reading a book for class. You really need to understand that chill coffee shops are few and far between. D.C.’rs aren’t really much for the chilling. It’s a little frustrating trying to find cool coffee shops. Fortunately I live in a neighborhood with a couple good ones.

I was in my favorite-so-far. It’s called Peregrine, and it’s cool. They play good music, they serve good coffee, and they have plenty of cute girls.

This girl sat down across the room from me. She was absolutely beautiful. She was with a friend and they started speaking in sign language. The beautiful girl was deaf.

It made me wonder what being in love with a deaf girl would be like. I would have to learn sign language to talk to her. Our first date we would have to talk using a pad of paper and pen. We would watch closed captioned movies at home. We could have private jokes, talk across big noisy room; looks and body language would come to have a whole new meaning.

But, we could never listen to the Beatles together. Never go to a Beethoven Symphony. I could never play her a song on the guitar. We could only go to events if there was a deaf interpreter.

It would be such a challenge. I feel like it might make our love worth more, because we have to work at it more.

p.s. just so you know, D.C. probably has the highest concentration of cute deaf-girls in the world, on account of Gallaudet University, which is the only deaf university in the world. because there is a high deaf population, being deaf in D.C. is a lot easier, almost everything has an interpreter (even some concerts).


22 responses to “On the top of Beringer Hill

  1. Just so you know… Most people who are deaf are not profoundly deaf, and as such still have some degree of hearing. They also use sign language to talk to each other.

    This is partiularly relavant in my case. My hearing loss is not such that cannot listen to and enjoy music. I’ve even heard of a profoundly deaf drummer. Anyway, I just figured I’d look up some lyrics to one of my favorite Fleet Foxes songs – Ragged Wood which has the words “Beringer Hill” in it. This bought me to your site.

    I still have no idea what/where Beringer Hill is! And yes, deaf girls are very cute and need dating just like everyone else.

  2. lol i too came here in search for the mysteriouse beringer hill from the fleet foxes song and i love how you take the time to picture things like that it is nice to know there are still men out there like you. Peace and love.

  3. lynne in Hull UK

    Is this catching or what? I too am searching for Beringer Hill from Fleet Foxes lyrics wondering if it had anything to do with Beringer wines in California – I visited several years ago – still best wine in world (in my humble opinion). Views on deaf ladies needing loving – nice – does this go for mature girls too – finding myself single again after 30 yrs ;my experience is men looking only for younger ones. I used to work with deaf kids – some ARE completely deaf. One sweet guy I worked with still enjoyed music though – through the vibrations – he was very sensitive to the nuances. light and life

  4. Me too! Beringer Hill got me here.
    But what about all the references to the people in the songs? Who are Johnathan and Evelyn? I assume if you like Fleet Foxes – then you’ve heard White Winter Hymnal

    Who is Michael? …poor guy

  5. lol, I am also trying to find where Beringer Hill is. But, this was a worthwhile read 🙂

  6. I guess it’s just the title of the blog – on the top of beringer hill – that brings us all here. And yet it was written over a year ago. Odd that it’s the first thing to come up on google when searching for ‘Bering Hill’…..

  7. Maybe they mean behringer hill Kentucky.

  8. There’s a geologically signaficant “Barringer Hill” in Central TX.

  9. Just like all of you I too came looking for Beringer Hill. In a metaphorically ironical serendipital splendor-filled way we all found it.
    Back to you…

  10. another searcher has stumbled upon this blog in her quest for Beringer Hill 🙂

  11. Came here to look for Beringer Hill too.
    Stopped and read the post, which was really involving.
    Will come back.
    Thanks Fleet Foxes.
    Greetings from Italy.

  12. I came looking for Beringer Hill here too! And the search goes on!

    If it’s any consolation I DID also read the article you wrote and I thought it was nice! I know no deaf people, however. I can’t quite relate.

  13. hm
    I like the blog, and yes I have meandered my way on to this page to find out the origins of Berringer Hill. I was also wondering who Johnathn, Evelyn and Michael were, anyone know?

  14. I believe that the line in Ragged Wood, “Behringer Hill”, isnt a real place. It just fits nicely in the song, and Behringer is the name of a pro audio equiptment company. I could imagine them sitting in the studio trying to think of a name, then seeing a Behringer channel strip.

  15. lol. so i guess we were all searching Beringer Hill. the read was somewhat entertaining—because i’m in DC, i religiously drink coffee at coffeehouses, and i’ve thought the same things about deaf girls. still, does anyone know about Beringer Hill? Johnathan, Evelyn, and Michael too?

  16. In my search for Fleet Foxes’ Beringer Hill, I stumbled upon this post.
    Like many others.

    I really liked your blog. Made me thinking.

  17. I thought I would be the only one searching for Beringer Hill lyric from Fleet Foxes, thanks all

  18. Another Beringer Hill searcher here. My name is Berengere. Pronounced in english imy name sounds like Beringer. I was wondering if the lyrics was referencing to the lady Berengere, a middle age character at the time of LionHeart King Richard – as whe was his wife. But still… it doesn’t match with any Evelyn or Johnathan…

    Good luck to the next Beringer Hill searcher

  19. Just listening to a radio interview with Robin Pecknold from backstage at Pitchfork festival and a lot of stuff from the 1st album was just made up in his head whilst in his parents basement so basically don’t read too much into it…shame because i wanted to know who Oliver James was ?

  20. Why can’t I even spell my own name ?

  21. Buncha hipsters. listening to Flee Foxes and trying to find out what/where Beringer Hill is

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