by Andrea Schilling (in this week’s issue of “The Crusader”)



Among the list of students studying away from the NNU campus this semester is junior Ian Bauder. 

Bauder is studying in Washington DC with the Washington Journalism Center. This serves as Bauder’s internship credit, which he needs to graduate with a degree in Journalism. Bauder said the internship is a part of the Best Semester Study Abroad Program, which is run by the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities.

Though the program helps fulfill Bauder’s degree requirement, Bauder’s other reasoning for participating included encouragement from his academic advisor Lucas Roebuck, and from his parents. Bauder said the program sounded like fun, which also sparked interest toward applying.

Bauder is interning with the Washington Times while in the District where he has been assigned as a reporter for its “Metro Section.” Bauder has written stories on protests, education and the arts.

“It’s fun and challenging,” said Bauder. “It’s a neat place to work. We have a huge newsroom in a big building that is right next to the National Arboretum, so our windows overlook a big forest. The people here are nice, and there are a bunch of other interns, so that’s cool too.”

Though Bauder has worked on the Crusader, working for the Washington Times has been quite a new experience.

“You can’t understand how bad of a writer you are until a newspaper editor goes through your story. You kinda just have to pick up the pieces and put them together again,” said Bauder. “Fortunately my editors are nice about tearing my pieces to shreds, and they are really helping me in my learning process.”

Aside from Bauder’s internship with the Washington Times, he is in class Mondays and Fridays.

“Sometimes we talk about philosophical type things, like integrating faith and vocation, and sometimes we talk about more practical/technical type things,” said Bauder. This week Bauder said he and his fellow students are touring the Washington Times as well as the National Public Radio facility.

Bauder’s semester is proving to be very beneficial.

“The thing I am enjoying the most is my work. It is very rewarding. I am learning how to write! Hopefully I will be quite a bit more proficient when I get home.”

Despite the Monday through Friday work schedule, Bauder is soaking up every bit of DC as much as possible.

“I am just trying to enjoy the city as best I can. I go out almost every night, and I am always reading blogs and newspapers looking for fun things to do. I am never short of entertainment.”


2 responses to “by Andrea Schilling (in this week’s issue of “The Crusader”)

  1. thanks, ian. (not sarcastic)

    and i hope you’re not terribly disappointed.

  2. Whoa-ho! Famous!

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