Thoughts Part 2

I. I think Georgetown has the highest concentraition of attractive girls in the city.

II. I gave ten bucks to a homeless guy today, and I don’t regret it one bit.

III. Today I spoke to a kid who runs a pretty successful website, and who reminded me of a hero from a bad college comedy.

IV. Theology is not something I enjoy debating. I much prefer conversations.

V. Fall has been a little dissapointing. Wet and most of the leaves are still green on the trees.

VI. I need to stop focusing on “getting good clips” and start focusing on “writing for an audience of one.”

VII. I will be applying to the Oregonian for a summer (paid) internship. If you would like to house me for little or no money during this summer, let me know. I would sing you songs and tell you jokes and sweep off your porch for you every day.

VIII. I don’t understand why they can’t just build a Metro into Georgetown. All this Circulator nonsense is killing me. Those seats are hard!


One response to “Thoughts Part 2

  1. III.: Juicy Campus?

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