The Great American Condom Campaign

So I am getting 500 free condoms in the mail. No, it’s not because I am especially in need prophylactics (quite the contrary, as any one who knows me would say). It’s because I filled out a form on Facebook based on a whim, and ended up becoming an official “SafeSite” for the Great American Condom Campaign (whatever the hell that is).

I filled out the thing about a month ago and didn’t think anything of it. But yesterday I got an email saying I had been selected. At first I thought I should try and get them to cancel it, but after talking about it with a bunch of my friends I’ve decided I should actually go ahead and try and give them away to people who need them.

I guess I figure if I am going to claim “pro-life” I should actually do something to keep people from having to wrestle with having an abortion.

So yeah. If you need a rubber hit me up (although I won’t get them for a while). Oh, and don’t tell the priest at St. Paul’s. I don’t think he would give me that little blessing at mass if he knew.


2 responses to “The Great American Condom Campaign

  1. Lots of good pranks with condoms, if you can’t find enough people to take em.

  2. Only you, Ian. Only you would get 500 free condoms in the mail. That’s going to be a big box.

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