Such Is The Bread Of An Every Day Life

I walked to the Flying M tonight. I’ve found myself doing that more frequently. A friend saw me and made fun of me. “Do you want a ride?” he asked. “Sometimes,” I replied, “It’s about the journey and not the destination.” He laughed and said “Yeah, have a nice journey through scenic Nampa.”

But I really needed that walk. It provided some alone time, and some time for thought. (I’ve also been getting that from the film lab, but I’ll write about that at another time).

See, lately I’ve been really confused about, well everything. Basically I am more confused than I’ve ever been before. I told someone today that I feel as though everyone in the world has been taking crazy pills. And I feel like my confusion is on a exponential curve, and it’s starting to peak. I don’t really know what this means.

So on this walk I prayed a prayer to God, asking for clarity. I hope he grants it to me. I would like to see where I am going. But if I don’t get clarity, I guess I will just have to get used to being the blind man. I just hope I can keep from walking in circles.


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