25 Albums That Changed My Life

in no order:

1. Black Sails In The Sunset – AFI
First heard it on a road trip to Palm Springs w/ my grandpa (a friend lent it to me). Blew my mind. Got me hooked.

2. Searching For A Former Clarity – Against Me!
never heard of against me before this. i still think it’s their best album.

3. Shut It Down – Animosity
basically made me quit thinking i could be a drummer. when i heard what this kid was doing (and knowing he was younger than me) i kinda gave up hoping to drum in a hardcore band.

4. Waking The Fallen – Avenged Sevenfold
this is embarassing, but it was the first album i ever owned with screaming.

5. Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band – The Beatles
heard it for the first time about two years ago. i literally only listened to this album for an entire month.

6. The White Album – The Beatles
my only exposure to the beatles before college. so beautiful and sad, i would listen to it when i was depressed.

7. Highway 61 Revisited – Bob Dylan
second best album of all time.

8. Greatest Hits – Boston
i learned to play the drums to this album.

9. Raw Power – Iggy and the Stooges
saw iggy at coachella once. ridiculous.

10. Our Endless Summer Days – Iron and Wine
my first girlfriend burned me a cd that had “each coming night” on it, and it’s still one of my favorite songs.

11. Greatest Hits – James Taylor
my dad got me into j.t. when i was about twelve. i used to get teary eyed whenever i heard “fire and rain”.

12. Milk Eyed Mender – Joanna Newsom
it took me a long time to get into her, but once i did i fell in love. lyrically one of my favorite albums.

13. Crane Wife – The Decemberists
introduced to me by a girl i met at the beach. it’s also a favorite lyrically.

14. Transformer – Lou Reed
stumbled upon this one at random. i had to sit in the hospital with my grandma after one of her surgeries, for like a week. transformer was my companion.

15. Deloused In The Comatorium – mars volta
i’m pretty sure my jaw dropped the first time i heard this.

16. You Are The Quarry – Morrissey
listened to this when i was feeling particularly angsty in highschool. it really is quite sad.

17. Revolutions Per Minute – Rise Against
the first “punk” record i owned.

18. Evolution of Energy – S.T.U.N.
my friends ditched me and saw this show with out me, and i’m still a little mad about it.

19. Come On And Feel The Illinoise – Sufjan Stevens
such a dynamic and compositionally tight album. best thing he’s ever made.

20. The Illusion of Safety – Thrice
to awake and avenge the dead.

21. The Oncoming Storm – Unearth
i was so obessesed with this in 10th grade. i thought that part where the vocalist goes “break down” was so sick.

22. War Is Hell – The Warriors
these guys were always my favorite hardcore band for some reason. i guess it’s cause i got to hang out with them a few times, and they always were cool to me and remembered my name. plus i just found their style a little more accessable. it’s too bad their new stuff sucks.

23. The White Stripes – The White Stripes
the white stripes became the sound track of my summer after 9th grade. i had this cheapo little mp3 player that had all my favorite songs from all their albums. i still think they are terriffic (just look at their last performance on conan to see how cool they are).

24. Pithecanthropus Erectus – Charles Mingus
given to me by my survey of music teacher freshman year of college. introduced me to jazz.

25. Yankee Hotel Foxtrot – Wilco
i used to love this record so much i would only listen to it on special occasions, so as to not ruin it.

honorable mention:
Mt. Eerie, not so much one specific album (although I really like Dawn), but for the show they played at the Flying M a year or so back (was woelv there too?). I had never even heard of Phil Elverum before then, and I expected to hate it, but it blew my mind in so many ways, and totally changed the kind of music that I was open to listening to.


2 responses to “25 Albums That Changed My Life

  1. Haha. Wow. The White Stripes totally defined me right after my 9th grade year as well. “Elephant” came out right around when I got my license and it was the very first thing I listened to in my car, driving by myself to get donuts on a Saturday morning. Here’s to a kick ass new album.

  2. Well, I’m a little upset that In The Aeroplane Over the Sea isn’t on there, but maybe you just haven’t had a chance for it to change your life yet.

    Man, you’re like in the other dang room and I’m commentin’ on your blog like some World of Warcraft shut-in. What a world

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