Only Weeks Before The Guns Came Down And Rained On Every One

Sometimes you see God in the most unexpected places.

On Wednesday night I went to our ex-student led worship service. I went just for the chapel credit. I didn’t really pay attention, I didn’t really sing along; I mostly just sat and kind of let my thoughts wander.

At the end of the service they gave the sacrament. I didn’t feel right taking it in that situation, so I just sat as everyone went up.

There was this girl sitting next to me. She’s a freshman, and I know her name, but we’ve never met. This other girl, a friend I guess, came and put her head on this freshman’s shoulder. The freshman girl started to whisper a prayer in this other girl’s ear. I probably shouldn’t have listened in, but I did.

It wasn’t a very complicated prayer. But it was so full of love and so full of peace. It was a blessing for a friend.

It was the first time I had seen God in a while.


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