It’s hard to be a decent human being.

“You have a lot to give somebody, and I think you could make somebody really happy,” said Tanya. It was about an hour later when I really started to think about what that meant.

Pretty much whenever I conceptualize/think about relationships, it is always from the what-can-I-get-out-of-it angle, whether that be emotional or physical (although let’s be honest, it’s usually physical).

I don’t want to be that way though. I think about some of the married people I know, and how both of their lives seemed to be enhanced by the relationship they are in. It’s nice. I hope I can find that.


3 responses to “It’s hard to be a decent human being.

  1. the perfect relationship is the result of desperation.
    grim but true.

  2. from somebody who has lived only to “get,” I can certainly say you find an opportunity to “give.”

    but then maybe I just got lucky.

  3. you will Ian. You’ve got a great heart.

    We just need to keep you from gluing yourself to carpet. 😉

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