Men Who Inspire Me (and why)

Muhammad Ali: Born in a middle class black home in Louiville, this man was the greatest boxer of all time. Not only did he achieve greatness in the ring, but he stuck by his religious and moral convictions, choosing prison over a tenure in Vietnam.

The Wright Brothers: Orville and Wilber Wright accomplished something people had dreamed about since the dawn of time. Through out of the box thinking and solid trial and error they devised the first heavier-then-air-craft in the history of the world.

Sir Ernest Shackelton: An arctic explorer, Shackelton lead an expedition on the ill-fated HMS Endurance. After getting trapped in the ice, having his boat sink, spending months on an exposed rock, mounting a harrowing sea voyage in an open life raft and climbing an antarctic mountain, he managed to get his crew home safely without the loss of a single life.

Ludwig Von Beethoven: Born to a viciously overbearing father, Beethoven became the greatest composer of all time, creating music that transcends time and culture. Despite the fact he went deaf halfway through his career, the man still managed to create some of the most powerful expressions of the human spirit ever made.


One response to “Men Who Inspire Me (and why)

  1. Beethoven wore goofy clothes, Bauder

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