My Life Is Really Evil.

My life is really evil. Like, there are people who are starving in the world, and I drive an “Infinity.” That’s really evil! There are people who just starve to death! That’s all they ever did. There’s people who were born, and they go “oh…I’m hungry,” and then they just die. And that’s all they ever got to do. And meanwhile I’m in my car like “boom, boom bam!” like having a great time, and I sleep like a baby!

It’s totally my fault. Because I could trade my “Infinity” for like a really good car, for like a nice Ford “Focus” with no miles on it. And I would get back like twenty thousand dollars. And I could save hundreds of people from dying of starvation with that money. And every day I don’t do it. Every day I make them die with my car.

Louis C.K.


One response to “My Life Is Really Evil.

  1. i really get what you mean. i feel this way most times, but to prevent this i try to do stuff for other people in my spare time. i believe this makes me feel better, but still, it doesn’t justify…

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